Shareholder Club activities for 2016

You will find hereunder the events of the Shareholder Club's Program of activities for 2016


» In March 2016, Pierre-Alexandre Pechmeze, Head of Investor relations, will answer Natixis' shareholders' questions on Natixis, on its results and its strategy.

» In April 2016, we will meet again with Philippe Waechter for our half-year chat on economic recent issues.

» In June 2016, Natixis Economic Research Team will hold a conference dedicated to France's and Europe's macro-economic situation.

» In September 2016Pierre-Alexandre Pechmeze will organize a new question-and-answer session live on Internet.


Natixis' Shareholder RelationsTeam will take part, along with other French issuers, in two meetings in regions in order to answer shareholders' questions on the Company's results and strategy.

The Shareholder Club members will be notified by e-mail of the venue of these events and of the participating terms.

If you are a shareholder of Natixis, you will find all details about these events on the dedicated Shareholder Club website.