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Mirova, responsible investment division of Natixis: good performance delivered

The challenge of combining value creation and sustainable development has been achieved by Mirova, responsible investment division of Natixis Asset Management, created in November 2012.

Mirova develops a global responsible investing approach with a single offer organized around 4 pillars: listed equities, infrastructure, impact investing1, voting and engagement.

Drawing on these areas of expertise, it was able to perform well in 2012.


After delivering performance in 2012…

The year 2012 closed favourably for equity markets despite periodic dips due to the return of risk in the euro zone between May and June and the general elections in Greece”, explains Jens Peers, CIO Sustainable equities of Mirova, responsible investment division of Natixis Asset Management.
Within this context, Mirova equity funds outperformed their benchmarks or displayed an attractive performance for those without a benchmark”.


These results arise from the implementation of an active management strategy on sustainable investment themes and/or quality stock picking of values which address sustainable development challenges or which are positively exposed to these issues with the objective of creating long-term value.

Our funds have clearly played their cards right. We can quote our Impact Funds Climate Change, ranked in the 1st quartile over one year in a universe of marketed funds for sale in France. The fund is also ranked 1 on its Regular Performance over 3 years2. And the AAA Actions Agro Alimentaire fund is ranked in the 1st quartile over one year in a universe of marketed funds for sale in France3”, explains Jens Peers.





 …which thematic favour in 2013?

The outlook for thematic stocks in 2013 is appealing. Mirova experts believe that rising potential remains high on equities and that there are numerous investment themes to play, such as natural gas revolution and water.

> MORE INFO : Read the document “Mirova equity funds: After a positive 2012, which investment themes to favour in 2013?

With the objective of searching for business models capable of delivering long-term performance, the Mirova investment team will target companies which not only benefit from these trends, but also have solid balance sheets”, underlines Jens Peers.

Impact investing: investments with a strong social and environmental impact.
2 Reference to a ranking and/or an award does not indicate the future performance of the UCITS or the fund manager. At end of December 2012. Source Lipper – Category Equity Global Average (universe’s population consisting of 1373 funds). The Lipper Regular Performance rating reflects the performance of funds of a 3-year history adjusted with short- and long-term risk with respect to all the funds of the same Lipper category.
At end of December 2012. Source Lipper – Category Equity Sector Non Cyclical Con Average (universe’s population consisting of 52 funds).