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Current Events

Second Quarter 2014 Results - 07/31/14

Results are available on July 31, 2014, after market close

Natixis manages the first European project bond for digital infrastructure - 07/24/14

Natixis lead managed on behalf ofAxione Infrastructures the first European project bond for digital infrastructure in France.

Durable Portfolio Construction®: helping investors to meet today’s challenges - 07/21/14

Helping investors meet the challenges presented by complex modern markets is at the core of Natixis Global Asset Management's Durable Portfolio Construction initiative.

Latin America: a high-potential market for Natixis - 07/04/14

Natixis has just moved to new offices in Mexico and plans to strengthen its presence in Latin America in its asset management, financing and capital market activities.

The Natixis Credit Research rewarded by Euromoney - 06/12/14

For the third year in a row, Euromoney* rewarded Natixis for the quality and relevance of its analyses. Its survey which polled over 1,900 global fund managers and investors ranked Natixis among the best European banks for Credit Research in 2014.