• “24 hours for the climate” event organizes 24 hours of expert discussions to develop real solutions to the climate crisis

    “24 hours for the climate” event organizes 24 hours of expert discussions to develop real solutions to the climate crisis
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    Published 9/16/20 | Updated 9/21/20
    From September 17, 2020 12.00 AM to September 18, 2020 11.59 PM

    Experts will meet to discuss the climate during 24 webinars on September 17 and 18, under the initiative of Anthony Cellier – a member of the French parliament representing the Gard region and rapporteur on the Energy-Climate law – along with the French Climate Action Network. The event is being organized in conjunction with ADEME (French agency for ecological transition), Entreprises pour l’environnement (association of large French and international companies that aim to include environmental aspects in their strategies and management), the French Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE), under the patronage of the President of the French National Assembly, and with the support of the French High Council on Climate. This series of webinars aims to offer greater insight into climate challenges, and look at the difficulties and drivers in addressing the climate emergency, with members of the French parliament as well as the general public.

    Over these 24 hours, 24 round table events will take place, tackling environmental, social and economic challenges, and will be broadcast via www.24hduclimat.fr and YouTube.


    Karen DegouveHead of Sustainable Business Development at Natixis, will take part on September 18 in the round table discussion "Redirecting private finance towards green products", alongside representatives from I4CE, la Caisse des Dépôts, Oxfam, ADEME, and Bénédicte Peyrol, LREM member of the French parliament.


    Watch the debates of the first 12 hours (H1 to H12)   



    Watch the debates of the last 12 hours (H13 to H24)


    Themes for the 24 round table events

    • Accelerating / Adapting / Being resilient – offering different perspectives
    • Combating imported deforestation
    • Preserving French forests
    • Working the land
    • Animal rearing
    • Eating better
    • Changing fashion for the climate
    • Encouraging sustainable and local tourism
    • Addressing the challenge of energy self-sufficiency and carbon neutrality in overseas regions
    • Financing energy efficiency upgrades
    • Renovating co-ownership properties
    • Educating French citizens on the climate and raising awareness on challenges involved
    • Creating jobs/changing career direction with the ecological transition
    • Giving our companies an active role in carbon neutrality
    • How can heavy industry support carbon neutrality?
    • Redirecting private finance towards green products
    • Making the state budget greener
    • How can air transport and aerospace adopt a new model?
    • Taking a new automotive approach
    • Reviving the train sector
    • Including citizens at the center of thinking and action
    • Involving our regions
    • Promoting a green Europe
    • Preserving our sovereignty and international cooperation
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