• A look behind the scenes at Natixis’ Top Employer France 2019 certification

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    Published 2/7/19
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    Natixis is one of 82 companies awarded the Top Employer France 2019 certification for the quality of its human resources policies. Eugénie Guermonprez, Head of HR Monitoring and Strategy, takes us behind the scenes to tell us more about this certification and its benefits.



    How do companies go about achieving this certification?

    The certification involves a very active approach with the Top Employer Institute and follows on from a very comprehensive audit of our HR policy, when seven key themes are assessed via almost 2,000 questions, covering areas such as talent development, working environment, change management support measures, performance management, corporate culture, compensation and benefits, etc. The process involves submitting concrete evidence to support all our answers, along with further questions on our responses. Overall, it is a lengthy process that requires a lot of effort.


    What criteria are used for the assessment?

    We are given an independent overall score followed by a detailed score for each theme, thereby providing a factual overview of the quality of our human resources policies. The process also acts as a benchmark and helps us compare our performances with other certified companies.

    The Top Employer certification reflects the results of the very practical initiatives we have undertaken for our staff, unlike accreditations based on employee opinions or votes.
    It is also an excellent way to pinpoint our strengths and areas for development, driving us forward to progress on a daily basis.


    What are the positive impacts of this certification?

    Natixis' participation in the Top Employer certification process shows that the company is actively seeking assessment for our policies, clearly showing our teams that we want to be reviewed and make progress.

    It also contributes to making Natixis an attractive place to work and demonstrates our pride in being an employer of choice and becoming a place where candidates want to work – we offer much more than just a job.

    Natixis' certification is for its French operations, but it still affects all our locations worldwide, as we are present across 38 countries. This recognition is part of our efforts to standardize our practices at the highest level and encourages us to share our best practices with the various Natixis entities both in France and internationally.

    Speaking on a personal level, I am very pleased to see our varied range of actions that help all our staff develop and grow in the company – they make me even more proud to work at Natixis.

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