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    2021 promotion of students of Natixis Lab42/ École42
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    Published 6/21/21
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    Since 2019, Natixis is partnering with École42 institute, and welcomes this year its third promotion of students. The students join Natixis’ innovation lab, namely Lab42 to be close to their mentors and experts specialized in many technologies: artificial intelligence, chatbot, cloud, data, deep learning, blockchain etc. Discover the feedback of Véronique Sani, Technology & Transformation director at Natixis.

    Lab42, an innovation lab for the students

    How can one support the future digital talents? That is the task entrusted to École42, created in 2013 by Xavier Niel, which train worldwide developers with a free, autonomous, and innovative education. Its pedagogy lies on peer-to-peer learning with a participatory functioning, without courses or teachers, enabling the students to develop their creativity thanks to project-based learning.


    That’s the case within Lab42, born from the partnership between Natixis and École42, which has welcomed for three years students from various backgrounds to work with Natixis’ teams on innovative projects for the benefit of many banking and finance business lines. This R&D lab mirrors École42 pedagogy inside the company: students work in groups. Thus, they can help each other and find solutions together. 


    Véronique Sani, Technology & Transformation director at Natixis answers to École42 questions about the work of their students in the Lab42:



    The digital shift of the banking and finance sectors 

    The digital shift has already been initiated in the banking and finance sectors a decade ago. The pace is speeding up be it in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, or services automation and industrialization. Today, clients are connected to Natixis’ business lines and daily interact with them through platforms and services. Within a highly competitive sector, the time-to-market urges to constantly reach cutting-edge technologies to innovate and best answers business lines and their clients’ new needs.

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