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    Published 11/18/19

    Natixis continually invests in future-proof technologies and has a strong ambition to differentiate itself in those areas within which teams have developed solid and recognized expertise.

    Be it digital transformation, innovative projects, services or solutions, digital strategies are at the forefront of sustaining an agile and dynamic ecosystem.

    89C3R, Natixis’ digital factory

    Meet 89C3R, Natixis’ digital factory, where various experts are dedicated to innovation in several areas: API, UX/UI, chatbots, artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, data science and agile methods. Their job consists of simultaneously carrying out cutting-edge research and creating made-to-measure solutions to best accompany Natixis’ teams in their digital transition.


    Discover 89C3R’s activities, the NewDev program and the Natbot platform, which enables the creation of chatbot with our digital teams and experts

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    Did you know?  

    • Created in 2017, the digital laboratory works in collaboration with the digital office including UX/UI, digital marketing, data for business and smart automation teams
    • The NewDev program has supported 90 teams in agile methods adoption
    • 60% of the IT ecosystem will work using agile methods on a daily basis by 2020
    • The Natbot platform has produced 8 chatbots for the business lines
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