• Green Momentum - Episode 3 I What room for energy transition in the recovery plans?

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    Published 11/25/20
    Reading 25 Min.

    Green Momentum is Natixis’ podcast series dedicated to green finance stakes, evolution and key role contributing to a greater protection of the environment and society.

    Portrait Jean-François Robin 600x365    Portrait IvanPavlovic 600x325  Jérôme Libeskind 

    From left to right: Jean-François Robin, Ivan Pavlovic,Jérôme Libeskind (podcast host)


    Welcome to the third episode of Green Momentum with Jean-François Robin, Head of Corporate & Investment Banking Research, Natixis, and Ivan Pavlovic, energy and green & sustainable senior analyst, Natixis.

    The European and French recovery plans, of an unprecedented amount, include various environmental options, prompted by the European "Green Deal". Are these recovery plans likely to help economies be more virtuous? Are the chosen strategies the right ones? Listen to our experts’ views on these issues, in particular on the emergence of the hydrogen industry, a key environmental axis of the recovery plans.

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