• International Day for Biological Diversity

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    Published 5/21/21
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    Tomorrow, Saturday May 22, marks the first anniversary of the International Day for Biological Diversity proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2020 with a view to taking action against the ongoing loss of biological diversity.

    Unprecedented decline

    The earth is currently facing unprecedented mass extinction of its living species, as more than 60% of wild animal populations have disappeared in the space of 40 years, while one million animal and plant species out of the estimated 8 million on the planet are currently in danger of extinction.

    The combination of life forms and their interactions with each other and the rest of the environment are crucial to life on earth. We all rely on a healthy ecosystem for our air, water, food, medication, clothing and energy resources, etc.

    Epidemics – such as the current coronavirus pandemic – are among the consequences of environmental disruption. 60% of infectious diseases suffered by humans are zoonoses i.e. diseases that are spread to humans from animals. Development of these diseases is being fueled by the deterioration in species’ natural habitats, which brings wild species into closer contact with humans. 75% of emerging infectious diseases are zoonoses. (source: United Nations)


    Taking action

    The United Nations has set 17 sustainable development goals (SDG) to protect the planet and daily life for its inhabitants. SDG 15 aims to “protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.”

    Natixis supports this goal and has rolled out a range of concrete initiatives geared to promoting this aim. Natixis is a signatory to the act4nature international initiative and was the first bank to announce SMART individual pledges to safeguard biodiversity and raise awareness among its stakeholders via initiatives on its direct and indirect impacts, in June 2020.

    Natixis is committed to incorporating biodiversity into its strategy, measuring the impact of its clients and its business operations on biodiversity, and seeking to avoid, reduce and/or offset this. It also pledges to systematically incorporate biodiversity aspects into its sustainable finance range, contribute actively to promoting market-wide standards, and train and raise awareness among staff on issues of biodiversity.

    Natixis has met the goals it set for 2020 in this area

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    “44 trillion dollars – or more than half of world GDP – are dependent on nature, so its destruction threatens the stability of our economies and ultimately the survival of humanity. Preserving and restoring natural ecosystems is therefore just as important as fighting against climate change. Here at Natixis we are fully aware of our responsibility and have incorporated biodiversity into our ESR strategy, as we pursue a range of actions across all our business lines” says Karen Degouve, Head of Sustainable Business Development in the ESR department at Natixis.

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