• Natixis in the Top 20 companies with the best work-life balance

    Article picture - Natixis in the Top 20 companies with the best work-life balance
    Published 9/18/19

    Natixis now features in employment and recruitment website Glassdoor's recently announced list of top 20 companies with the best work-life balance in France, as voted by French staff themselves.

    According to a Glassdoor survey, work-life balance is one of the five most important criteria for candidates, and ranks ahead of compensation and benefits.

    Staff who took part in this survey assessed their work-life balance on the basis of various criteria i.e. working time flexibility, working spaces, atmosphere, events organized by the company, etc.

    They also noted executives' clear vision of company strategy , a constantly changing business sector, multi-disciplinary teams, and a high degree of staff expertise.

    Anne Lebel, Chief Human Resources Officer at Natixis notes "We are very pleased and proud to join this top 20 and this ranking is the result of our active work-life policy over the past several years, with programs such as remote working, parenthood support, new working spaces, collaborative tools, concierge service, etc. Here at Natixis, our staff's fulfilment is every bit as important as client satisfaction, and is one of the keys to our collective success. This result is particularly significant as it comes from our staff themselves. Of course we must now continue our efforts to keep on making progress to provide our employees with a fulfilling working environment on a daily basis."

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