• Natixis is committed to assisting students at Paris-Dauphine University

    Article picture - Natixis is committed to assisting students at Paris-Dauphine University
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    Published 5/15/17
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    Natixis is keen to promote equality by helping young people become members of society through education and jobs, which is the reason why it is sponsoring the Paris-Dauphine University and its Foundation. The partnership will support young students - artists, top-level sportsmen and women, and entrepreneurs - who are part of the university’s Talents program.

    An ambitious course and training schedule adapted for students in the Talents program

    The Talents program consists of a balanced, ambitious and innovative course and training schedule. Talents students will take the same courses as their peers, but their timetables will be specially adapted to fit their demanding schedules. The program was launched at the start of the university year in September 2014 and has applied to student entrepreneurs as well since 2016. Course contact hours will be tailored during the first two years of the Licence degree course to enable these students to pursue their artistic or sporting career, or to develop their business. In the 2016–2017 university year, 77 students took part in the Talents program, including 23 artists (17 musicians, 3 dancers and 3 actors), 52 top sportsmen and women, and 2 entrepreneurs.


    Support for artists and international mobility

    One of Natixis’ support initiatives involves students in the artistic domain. It financed the new music auditorium and sponsors the annual show put on by the year’s Talents students.  Natixis also plans to fund international scholarships for the Paris-Dauphine Foundation to help students in the Talents program to pursue some of their studies in one of Paris-Dauphine’s partner universities.


    “This partnership is an opportunity to cement the strong links that have been created between our institutions, notably by organizing traineeships and apprenticeships with Dauphine students. It also underscores Natixis’ commitment in helping young talent in all its forms. This arrangement, created for young artists, top-level sportsmen and women, and budding entrepreneurs, is a perfect reflection of our mindset, namely, to possess a fighting spirit, commitment, resourcefulness and entrepreneurial drive,” said Anne Lebel, Chief Human Resources Officer.

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