• Natixis is partner for Marie Claire’s Equality Week from September 28 to October 2

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    Published 9/25/20
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    Natixis is proud to get involved in and support Equality Week, organized by the Marie Claire Think Tank “Act for Equality” from September 28 to October 2 to raise awareness and mobilize support from as many as possible for equality in the workplace.

    Throughout the week, Marie Claire will invite readers and all web users to visit its site live every day at 10am for sessions involving debates and conferences attended by several experts, ministers and other advocates.

    The week-long event kicked off on Monday, September 28 with a session on positive leadership, which Natixis was actively involved in. The talk was an opportunity to address this vital theme, with an introduction by Elisabeth Moreno, French Minister Delegate for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, with discussions from representatives from Think Tank partner companies.

    In an exceptional move, this edition will be featured entirely online at www.marieclaire.fr.


    To get involved in the event and support the change



    Why Natixis is involved in the Marie Claire Think Tank Act for Equality by Cécile Tricon Bossard, Chief Human Resources Officer at Natixis  

    Recruiting more women to finance is not optional, it is a real necessity like in a lot of other sectors: we have to strive unrelentingly for change to achieve real gender equality.

    Taking part in the Marie-Claire Think Tank "Act for Equality" is an opportunity. Firstly, the think tank brings together experts from very different arenas – politics, media, culture, education, business – and this brings real value to our discussions and debates.

    Secondly, it is action-oriented with practical pledges, and we know that it is difficult to make progress on equality in the workplace without clear goals. This commitment to progress enabled us to have 30% of our senior management committee made up of women.

    Lastly, and by far most importantly, it is a forum for sharing experience and inspiration, where as a company we can challenge our methods and draw on best practices.

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