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    Updated 5/5/21

    Natixis' Shareholder Club was created in April 2007. Its purpose is to enable shareholders who wish to establish a closer relationship with Natixis to do so.

    Our target: Give you more information

    Natixs Shareholder Club is open to any Shareholder who wishes to receive electronic information on the Company.

    The Shareholder Club Members automatically receive:

    • our monthly electronic Newsletters;
    • our Newsletter in a multi-media and interactive format;
    • our yearly Shareholder Guide;
    • the list of our events : chats, webconferences, shareholders presentations in regions & events as part of Natixis' culture and sport sponsorship.


    The Shareholder Club Members may access the secure website dedicated to the Shareholder Club which presents the whole of the shareholder-focused information and notably the list of the Shareholder Club events as well as the replays of the economic and financial chats on Internet The Shareholder Club Members may ask their questions prior to each chat.


    Become a shareholder club member 

    Joining the Shareholder Club is free of charge and possible for each shareholder who owns at least one (1) bearer or registered share. Joining the Shareholder Club is also possible for the group’s employees who became shareholders via an Employee Savings Scheme.


    To become a member each shareholder may take the initiative to consult the dedicated website available here and to click on “I wish to join in”.


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    An online membership procedure enables each shareholder to become a member in a few clicks and to immediately start receiving our information.


    Shareholder Club Program for the year 2020 

    As part of our program, the Shareholder Club members may attend: 

    • Live video chats about Natixis, its results and its strategy;
    • Live video chats on economic and financial issues;
    • Information meetings in French regions;
    • Events linked with the sponsorship policy.  


    Live video chats/webconferences on Internet

    Wednesday March 17, 2021 – 6 p.m. Philippe Waechter, Head of the Economic Research Unit at Ostrum Asset Management Macroeconomic news

    Access the chat

    Tuesday October 12, 2021 – 6 p.m. Gérard Ampeau, in charge of the École de la Bourse programs (Stock Exchange School) Upcoming theme
    Thursday November 18, 2021 – 6 p.m. Philippe Waechter, Head of Ostrum Asset Management Economic Research Macroeconomic news


    The chats/webconferences are accessible to everyone.

    The Shareholder Club’s members are informed of each chat/webconference by e-mail and/or via the Newsletter and receive the link allowing them to ask their questions to our experts (ahead of or during the chat).


    Sponsorship program

    As soon as the health situation will allow it, we will resume our offer of tickets as part of our sport & culture sponsoring programmes.

    The Shareholder Club’s members will be informed by e-mail and/or via the Newsletter.


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