• Our staff are very committed to Odyssea 2018

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    Published 9/28/18
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    This year’s edition of Odyssea welcomed 37,500 participants at the Vincennes racecourse, including 355 Natixis staff and hitting a new record!

    Natixis is a long-standing sponsor of Gustave Roussy and got involved alongside its staff, matching their race enrolment fees, with additional proceeds of €9,245 to go to Gustave Roussy. Funds raised will finance research into immunotherapy and other personalized treatment for breast cancer.


    Natixis has been involved in cancer research since 2011

    In light of the hefty resources required to make progress in cancer research, Natixis decided to support the Gustave Roussy Foundation in 2011.

    After supporting the three teams working on research into personalized cancer treatments, we again pledged support in 2016 by providing financial backing to three new teams that are researching precision medicine and fundamental research. We have also taken a number of initiatives to enable staff to find out more and get involved.

    We are proud of this shared commitment!

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