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    Published 4/18/16

    Mirova is the Responsible Investment division of Natixis Asset Management.  

    Mirova develops an engaged global approach aiming to combine value creation and sustainable development. This global approach translates as a full array of offerings :


    • listed equities,
    • bonds,
    • infrastructure funds
    • impact investing
    • engagement and voting consulting services.

    More information about Mirova.


    SRI management

    With more than 25 years of experience, Natixis Asset Management is ranked among the leaders of SRI management (open-end funds) in France and in Europe. 

    • SRI assets under management of € 17,2(1) billion (as at December 31, 2016)  

     (1) Source : Natixis Asset Management at 31/12/2016 in mutual, dedicated and employee saving funds 


    Natixis Asset Management and Natixis Interepargne are ranked # 1 in France for SRI asset management and SRI solidarity employee savings schemes (2)  

    (2)   Source Baromètre Finansol 2016

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    Eco-responsible real-estate products

    AEW Europe is a subsidiary of Natixis Global Asset Management and leader in the real-estate investment market and third-party account asset management. The company adopted a five-year plan in favour of sustainable development, for 2010-2015. 

    The objective is to integrate environmental criteria for the acquisition of new or existing buildings, and to implement action plans to improve the performance of the portfolio under management. 


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