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    Published 2/12/19
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    The Monsieur-Onde.com website launched by Orchestre de Paris in October 2019 is adding new features with a second animated film and an innovative musical puzzle game. In just one click, users can enjoy a fun and interactive experience with Monsieur Onde, a fun and clever animated character, and take a personalized journey through 260 years of the classical music repertoire.

    New musical adventures

    After taking visitors through the first animated film with an extract from Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique (1830), Monsieur Onde takes audiences on a journey through a second clip on Mozart’s Masonic Funeral Music (1785). In the space of a few minutes, he shares his expertise on the piece, the composer and how the instruments work together, all in a fun way.

    Another new feature is the musical puzzle game, which goes online on December 2 and helps users build a well-known musical extract using sound blocks. The game involves positioning the different instruments in the orchestra and finding out more about the structure of a musical score.


    Using digital technology to enjoy the best of classical music

    When browsing on the Monsieur-Onde.com website, visitors can choose extracts from a range of 160 pieces in the classical repertoire. The browsing system is very user-friendly and is based on standard browsing practices i.e. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. It is also specifically tailored to mobile use. Web users can create their profile and share their impressions using hashtags (#melancholy, #surprising, #exciting, etc.), either by theme (#littleEars, #blastingbagpipes, etc.) or based on the season’s program.

    The Monsieur-Onde.com site will add new features each season and provide a range of musical extracts from the Orchestre de Paris’ program.




    Natixis has sponsored the Orchestre de Paris since 2007 and is proud to support the development of the Monsieur-Onde.com website.

    Natixis is convinced that promoting culture with all audiences is vital, and the digital revolution is a fantastic way to support this.

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