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    Published 12/2/19
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    Authenticity, transparency, meaning and impact are all very much in sight as Anne-Claire, Florian, Amandine and Antoine take us behind the scenes at work and in their everyday lives.

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    Ranging from green finance and big data, to international solidarity initiatives and sport, they all display strong commitment, make an impact and find fulfilment both at work and in their personal lives, each in their own individual ways.

    Looking outside the box

    For its "Much more than just a job" communications campaign, Natixis showcases its millennial staff in a series of videos broadcast on its recruitment website, social media, job boards and intranet sites at major universities. More video profiles are still to come, focusing on the company's platforms in Asia, the US and Portugal.

    Staff who feature in the clips include Anne-Claire, green captain and portfolio manager, who sets the tone "Everyone says that young people are looking for meaning, well then move to the financial sector because we need to start a revolution." All the portraits were filmed both at work and in these staff's everyday lives, and they clearly demonstrate Natixis' identity, which involves going beyond.

    Ambitious goals

    Natixis aims for under-30s to account for 50% of new hires out to end-2020, as compared with 40% currently. "I think that Natixis can offer younger staff a great learning experience due to our job diversity, our size and our commitments. Natixis is also still a young and growing company, and has already transformed considerably, so this provides opportunities for staff who want to play a role in building the company to have real responsibilities and really contribute to progress and change", explains Anne Lebel, Chief Human Resources and Corporate Culture Officer at Natixis. She also notes "I hope that younger generations will identify with these profiles as these staff all embody their convictions in the same way in both their personal lives and their work. And that really reflects our identity here at Natixis. We give our staff much more than just a job."

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