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    Published 6/19/17
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    Natixis will organize the second edition of its “Work & Life Week”, entailing various events on the work-life quality theme, from June 19 to 23, 2017, as part of the “Work & Life at Natixis” program set up in early 2016. <br> The aim of this initiative is to support staff as they focus on the +Efficient +Collective & +Zen cornerstones of the project.



    A week of initiatives to promote work-life quality

    Following on from the various initiatives already taken to promote work-life quality for its staff, Natixis is organizing the second edition of its “Work&Life Week” from June 19 to 23, a week-long series of inspiring events to support staff and help them think and work differently.

    A number of events are being organized for staff in France and internationally, including the following key initiatives:

    • A series of conferences focused on collaborative corporate culture: encouraging innovation and collaboration via design thinking, taking ownership of the offices of tomorrow, learning to practice mindfulness, optimizing business relationships in a cross-cultural environment and learning more about the importance of kindness at work with philosopher Emmanuel Jaffelin. 
    • A photo competition on the theme of “Daily life at work - in color!” 
      Staff can send in their photos to share their everyday working environment. Two winners will be selected from among applicants.
    • Entertainment and surprises
      A number of events and initiatives will help promote wellbeing in a relaxed environment, such as a juice bar, fruit baskets, café-concert for the music festival traditionally celebrated in France on Midsummer’s day, and introduction to laughter yoga, etc.


    Work & Life at Natixis: company-wide initiative on work-life quality

    In early 2016, Natixis launched its Work & Life at Natixis initiative, a corporate-wide program designed to enhance work-life quality. This cross-company multi-business line program aims at promoting wellbeing at work while also helping staff address the challenges raised by business transformation.

    Three key aspects “+efficient, +collective & +zen” provide the cornerstones for the various company-wide initiatives involved in this program.

    The Senior Management Committee signed a charter of 15 pledges to promote work-life balance, while Natixis also signed a company-wide agreement aimed at further fostering work-life quality.

    This agreement is based on four key areas:

    • Create the conditions that promote high-quality work
    • Strengthen the quality of working relationships and cooperation 
    • Improve wellbeing at work 
    • Better take on board the human impacts of restructuring projects

    Natixis was also awarded the “Top Employer France 2017” certification, which recognizes the bank’s commitment to enhancing its working environment.

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