New Dimension: anchor our success over the longer term

Natixis has launched its new strategic plan, New Dimension, to create sustainable value and guide its development until 2020.



A plan to go further

Our strategic plan New Dimension is a clear extension of the road to growth that we have traveled for almost a decade, first with a restructuring plan, New Deal, and subsequently with our transformation and development plan, New Frontier.

Natixis is solidly rooted within Groupe BPCE and this close relationship is reflected in the way our strategic plans are interlocked, thereby promoting shared success.

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A plan to deliver sustainable value creation

The essence of New Dimension lies in deepening our strengths (Deepen), investing resolutely in digital technology for our clients (Digitalize) and differentiating ourselves by leveraging our assets in areas where we are recognized for our expertise (Differentiate).

Our strategic plan is based on three main pillars:

  1. Business developement: strengthen our expertise to be a reference actor for our clients
  2. Enhanced agility: anticipate and adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment
  3. Capital Management: generate available capital to reinvest it in a targeted way

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High financial ambitions

Our financial goals are ambitious. Our strong execution capacity will be decisive in achieving these objectives, which must be accompanied by value creation for our clients, our shareholders and our employees.

  • Financial strength: CET 1* Ratio at 11%
  • Profitability: ROTE** between 13 and 14.5%
  • Growth: Net revenues annual growth of + 5%

* Common Equity Tier 1
** Return on tangible equity

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