Board of Directors

Role and powers of the Board of Directors

In addition to the prior authorizations required by applicable legal and regulatory provisions, it should be noted that the rules governing Natixis' Board of Directors and the shareholders' agreement require the prior authorization of the Board of Directors for certain transactions:

  • Extension of Natixis' activities to include major business lines not exercised by Natixis;
  • Appointment and dismissal of the Chief Executive Officer or, as the case may be, of one or more Deputy Chief Executive Officers;
  • Any acquisition of a stake in another company or increases in equity investments, other investments, divestments (or the creation of a joint venture) by Natixis or one of its significant subsidiaries representing more than €100 million;
  • Any transfers, mergers or demergers in which Natixis is involved;


The Board of Directors convenes all general shareholders' meetings, sets the agenda and executes decisions.

The Board of Directors prepares the financial statements of Natixis and the annual management report.