Audit Committee

Role and rules of the Audit Committee

The Audit Committee will be chaired by one of the Board of Directors’ independent members.

The duties of Natixis' Audit Committee are as follows:

- it assists the Board of Directors the preparation of Natixis' financial statements and management report; 

- it examines the company and consolidated annual and interim financial statements, as well aNatixis' draft budgets at least one week before they are presented to the Board of Directors, as well as company financial documents handed out on approval of the financial statements; 

- it gives an opinion on the report submitted to it each year concerning business relationships between Natixis or one of its subsidiaries and all or some of the entities making up Groupe BPCE.

The Audit Committee meets at least once a quarter.

Minutes of the Audit Committee meetings are distributed to the committee members and to the company's directors.