Natixis' Compliance

Compliance and observance of ethical rules are part of the core values ​​of Natixis.
Through its actions for prevention and control, the Compliance Division supports the trust that our customers, the markets and the regulators give us. It represents also a protection for our Bank, as for all of us.
The Compliance Division protects Natixis' customers, the bank itself and its employees from any non-compliance risk. It also serves the public interest in fighting against terrorist financing and money laundering.


Compliance covers the following areas:

      • the general rules of information management (circulation of confidential, compiling and updating insiders lists...);
      • management of conflicts of interests and organization of information barriers;
      • relationships with customers and/or counterparties (Know Your Customer principle and obligation to inform the customer...);
      • relationships with the markets (prevention of market abuse, supervision of financial analysis...);
      • rules of conduct for employees of Natixis (declaration of personal transactions, deals in Natixis shares...);
      • fight against money laundering and terrorist financing;
      • fight against corruption; 
      • whistleblowing policy .