Approved suppliers

Approval of suppliers at Natixis

How to become an approved supplier?

A supplier is approved through a call for bids or the renewal of a master agreement.

In the event of a call for bids, the Purchasing department, assisted by the ordering party, takes the following steps:

  • Mapping and definition of present and future needs,
  • Extent of approval (e.g. Greater Paris, France, Europe, world),
  • RFI (Request For Information),
  • Call for bids,
  • Selection,
  • Approval.


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What obligations does approval entail?

Approved suppliers sign a master agreement with the Purchasing department that applies to all the businesses of Natixis in France and/or abroad.



  • allows suppliers to respond to calls for bids in their lines of business and to be directly contacted by ordering parties with a view to providing services or supplying goods;
  •  involves measuring the performance of approved suppliers. Performance is assessed by the Purchasing department on the basis of questionnaires completed by purchasers.

The Purchasing department examines conformity with the master agreement and presents its findings to the Approval Monitoring Committee.


As part of a policy of ongoing improvement, the Purchasing department audits approved suppliers from the standpoint of financial health and dependency. It also assesses the extent to which they take account of their Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER).