Labor Relations

Diversity, at the core of our HR policy

Natixis is committed to a social policy based on integration through employment, respect for equal opportunities and combating discrimination.

As a signatory of the Diversity Charter, Natixis continues its approach in terms of diversity via three main targets. 



  • Gender equality

For quite a few years, the goal of Natixis is to guarantee equity between women and men via several actions in terms of recruitment, training, compensation and career management. In 2013, Natixis enhanced this approach by:

• Organizing conferences on gender diversity
• Setting up women’s mentoring
• Circulating a guide to parenting   


  • Employment of seniors

    Natixis’ principal focus is keeping seniors aged 55 and over in employment, with dedicated training and career management actions, and by supporting subsidized part-time employment for people aged 58 and over.
    In 2013, Natixis signed a “generation contract”, which provides for new actions in favor of seniors, including skills-based sponsorship with non-profit organizations and mentoring with young people.
  • Actions in favor of employees with disabilities

  • The 2011-2013 agreement concerning integr ating and keeping people with disabilities in employment has come to an end, and a new agreement has been signed for the years 2014 to 2016 .
    Several actions were taken, in terms of recruitment but also in terms of outsourcing or employee awareness.
    The global employment rate is 4,02% at end-2016, i.e. more than twice the rate recorded before the agreement.