Labor Relations

Diversity, at the core of our HR policy


As a signatory of the diversity charter since 2009, Natixis is committed to preventing discrimination in every form and at every stage of Human Resources management, including recruitment, training and management of its employees’ careers.

With the support of a dedicated diversity and disability management team, and a network of contacts in the business lines, it has established a policy designed to capitalize on the diversity of profiles, experiences and skills in its employee base.



In 2017, Natixis focused on continuing its initiatives to promote diversity in four key areas: gender equality in the workplace, continued employment of older employees, and the professional integration and retention of employees with disabilities.


  • Gender equality

Within the scope of Natixis France, seven companies have established a collective bargaining agreement on gender equality in the workplace.

Within the scope of Natixis SA, a 3-year agreement (2017-2019) calls for the implementation of concrete initiatives centered on 6 priorities: hiring and employment, compensation and wage equality, career development and promotions, professional training, the work/life balance and parenting, communication and awareness-raising.

 The progress achieved by Natixis was recognized by certification body AFNOR, which granted Natixis “Professional Equality” certification in early 2017. This certification will be subject to regular audits.

 Natixis’ Senior Management supports the WINN (Women in Natixis Network) - a network created in 2012 of women in executive positions. 

 WINN promotes gender diversity within Natixis’ management and runs a women’s network that focus on various themes pertaining to professional and personal development. In 2017, Winn had over 800 members, 400 of which internationally across the Winn Hong Kong, Winn London, Winn Americas and Winn Dubai networks, plus the newly created Winn Algeria network.


  • Employment of seniors

Under the Agreement on Employment and the GPEC signed in 2017, in line with the Agreement on Employment of 2013, Natixis has set quantified targets and plans to implement mechanisms to promote the retention of older staff members and end-of-career adjustments.

Natixis committed to maintaining at least a 12% representation rate of employees aged 55 and older in its workforce, and to hire at least 5% of employees aged 45 and older out of total annual hires.

A part-time employment program for older staff, with support measures, and skills sponsorship initiatives with associations are available to employees over 58. 


  • Actions in favor of employees with disabilities

Since 2011, Natixis has been committed to a policy to promote the hiring, professional integration and retention of employees with disabilities.

Championed by the Mission Handicap team and its network of experts in the business lines, the policy has led to two company agreements, has strengthened cooperation with management and delivered tangible results.

Keeping this initiative going over the long term, a third Disability agreement covering Natixis France for the 2017-2020 period was signed with all employee unions.

Natixis’ commitments are as follows:

      • Promoting the retention of employees with disabilities by adapting positions and working conditions, and providing access to professional training. In 2017, Natixis implemented almost 250 disability compensation measures.
      • Developing a hiring plan by participating in specialized hiring forums, establishing partnerships with schools and universities, and developing application pools. In 2017, Natixis hired 20 employees with disabilities;
      • Promoting the use of disability-friendly companies by diversifying the list of approved services and partners.  
      • Conducting communication and awareness-raising campaigns for all Natixis employees.

 The global employment rate is 4,44% at end-2017, i.e. more than twice the rate recorded before the agreement.