Humanitarian action

Support the development of southern country and solidarity

Involved in the fight against malaria since 2005, Natixis provides its support in three areas:

  • Prevention programs in situ:

Natixis supports programs of the NGO Plan France, which creates awareness among the populations affected and distributes mosquito nets to pregnant women and young children.


Implemented in Togo, Cameroon, and Burkina Faso, these programs have yielded tangible results in the fight against malaria.


  • Research programs:

Natixis also supports projects of Institut Pasteur’s international network that consist in creating tools for surveillance of resistance phenomena to antimalarial treatments. This cooperation has made it possible to develop an easy-to-use test for large-scale use to study parasite resistance to antimalarial drugs.

read the Institut Pasteur press release


Solutions exist to combat this disease, which causes close to 600,000 deaths a year, primarily of pregnant women and young children.