Green Growth Financing

Front-ranking position

Natixis is committed in all its businesses to sustainable global economic development, offering tailor-made and innovative financial solutions, serving the environmental and social objectives of its customers. In 2018, Natixis was recognized as "The most innovative investment bank on climate and sustainable development themes", thus rewarding an active commitment in the fight against global warming and in favor of the energy transition.

Renewable energies

With dedicated teams within Corporate and Investment Banking, Natixis is positioned among the leaders in financing renewable energies worldwide, particularly in offshore wind power.

In 2019, Natixis arranged 25 new transactions, i.e. 7,832 MW for a total amount of 2.1 billion euros. Over 90% of Natixis’ power sector financing portfolio is made up of renewable energies.

Natixis also finances renewable energies through dedicated investment funds managed by Mirova, with 170 new projects built since 2002, representing 2.4 GW of installed capacity.

Sustainable Real Estate

In 2019, Natixis strongly developed its financing and arrangement activity in the sustainable real estate sector, with 12 transactions carried out.

Natixis obtained the first green certification for a commercial property loan in Europe for the DUO towers project in Paris, a future property complex with exceptional energy performance, which will host Natixis headquarters.

AEW, a subsidiary of Natixis Investment Managers, integrates environmental criteria (HQE, BREEAM2 labels) during acquisitions and for building management. It is pursuing an objective of reducing the energy consumption of its portfolio by 38% by 2020.

Natural capital Preservation

Natixis joined in 2018 the act4nature initiative led by the Association Entreprises pour l'Environnement (EpE). In April 2020, it committed to provide concrete solutions for the conservation of biological diversity and its restoration by mobilizing all of its businesses.

Mirova participates in the conservation of natural capital through its specialized platform Althelia. Since 2018, the LDN Fund (Land Degradation Neutrality Fund) has raised $ 150M to fight land degradation. In 2019, 3 new land restoration projects were proposed: in Bhutan, Indonesia and Kenya, involving 30,000 small producers, and aiming to restore more than 45,000 hectares of land and capture almost 2 million tonnes of CO2.

The Sustainable Ocean Fund (SOF), launched in 2018, is developing a mixed portfolio in the area of ​​sustainable seafood, the circular economy and the conservation of coastal ecosystems. The fund raised almost its entire target size of $ 100 million, surpassing $ 92 million in late 2019.

Green, social and sustainable bonds

In 2019, Natixis supported the issuance of 28 green bonds. She co-arranged for the Danone Group the very first bond issue with social impact carried out by a multinational company, for an amount of 300 million euros in 2018.

In asset management, Mirova has developed a strategy dedicated to green bonds: out of 2.4 billion euros managed by Mirova in bonds, 1.6 billion is invested in green bonds.

Beyond green bonds, Natixis has widely developed green loans, with 40 transactions finalized in 2019.

Sustainable Insurance

Natixis Assurances, which manages more than 50 billion in assets, made a proactive and concrete commitment in 2018 against global warming by aligning its investment policy with the objectives of the 2 ° C trajectory set by the Paris. Natixis Assurances will devote nearly 10% of its new investments in green assets each year with a target of 10% of green assets in total assets, by 2030 at the latest.

 At the end of 2019, Natixis Assurances was in line with its objective, more than 980 million euros were thus invested in green assets during the year.

 Natixis Assurances now systematically includes in its offer, for any new subscription to a life insurance policy, support in account units benefiting from an ESG label (ISR [1] or TEEC [2] label). These labeled contracts represent 804 million euros at the end of 2019.

Natixis Assurances also offers multi-risk home guarantees for installations promoting sustainable development: solar panels, energy storage batteries, rain collectors.

In automobile insurance, Natixis Assurances grants reductions to drivers who travel less than 8,000 km per year or to owners of electric vehicles.


[1] SRI: Socially Responsible Investment

[2] TEEC: Energy and Ecological Transition for the Climate