Environmental and Social Risk Management

Managing environnental and social risks in our activities

Equator Principles 

By signing the Equator Principles in December 2010, Natixis acknowledged the importance of environmental and social (E&S) impacts in new projects and adopted a proven methodology to manage these impacts that is used by a large number of financial institutions.

Since then, the application of the Equator Principles has become fully effective in all business lines dealing with project finance where the funds are mostly allocated to a project clearly identified. The business sectors at Natixis eligible to the Equator Principles methodology are those related to infrastructures, energy (oil and gas, on-shore and off-shore), power and renewables, and mining and metals. 

For more details concerning the implementation of the Equator Principles, the organisation and the activity in 2016, see the 2016 reporting below.

Natixis 2016 EP reporting


Policy to exclude the armament sector 

In March 2009, as part of the responsible management of its activities and their consequences, Natixis adopted a policy to exclude all financing and investment in companies involved in the manufacturing, storage and trade of land mines and cluster bombs.

This policy applies to the financing of these companies, to proprietary investment, to third-party asset management by Natixis Asset Management, which has also launched a customer awareness approach.

The general procedure is verified during the decision process (e.g. credit or investment committee) applicable to each activity concerned.


Exclusion policy in the coal industries

Since October 15, 2015, Natixis has committed itself to end its financing of coal-fired power plants and thermal coal mines worldwide. Natixis has also decided to no longer accept new advisory or arrangement mandates linked to financings of this type.

Lastly, Natixis will not finance companies whose business is over 50%-reliant on operating coal-fired power plants or thermal coal mines.This policy is also implemented in Natixis Asset Management and Natixis Assurances investment policies.


 Sector policy applicable to the  coal industry

press release coal indutry


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