Building Management

An environmental management system

The Logistic and the Communication and CSR departments set up an environmental management system to reduce the impact of our day to day operations on the environment :





    • Control of resource consumption, with a decrease in water and paper consumption since 2014:
     2016     2015      2014

paper consumption in tonnes

326      353 425

energy consumption of buildings in MWh

57 397 55 151  56 122
Water consumptions in m3 69 681  65 766 75 571
  • Waste sorting (paper, batteries, printer cartridges, electrical and electronic equipment, pens);
  •  “Green Works Charter”, set up and used for new facilities;
  • An “Accessibility Charter”, to facilitate access to and use of infrastructure for people with disabilities.


Natixis obtained ISO 14001 certification since 2009 (confirmed in 2012) for the operation of its buildings