Financial and Strategic Press Releases


3Q18 and 9M18 results - 08/11/2018

Relevance of our strategic choices amidst volatile market Reported net income up +10% at €422m in 3Q18 and up +15% ...

2Q18 and 1H18 results - 02/08/2018

New Dimension strategic plan well embarked Reported Net income up +19% at €580m in 2Q18 and up +18% at €903m ...

1Q18 results - 17/05/2018

New Dimension well embarked with: Reported revenues up +3% at €2.4bn and reported Net income up +15% at €323m 1Q18 ...

4Q17 and 2017 results - 13/02/2018

Reported Net income up +21% at €1,669m in 2017 and +5% at €518m in 4Q17