Shareholder Consultative Committee

Assignments of Natixis Shareholders' Consultative Committee

Natixis' Shareholder Consulting Committee around Nathalie Bricker, CFO, Damien Souchet, Head of IR, and Eugénie Mehler, in charge of Shareholder Communications

In order to stay in tune with its individual shareholders, Natixis has set up a Consultative Shareholders’ Committee to get their opinion on individual shareholders’ communications and improve the communications media.

Natixis' Shareholders' Consultative Committee (SCC) provides advice on the Group’s communication policy towards individual shareholders and suggests improvements to the communications tools provided.


Twelve Natixis' shareholders who represent individual shareholders.
The Committee is chaired by Damien Souchet, Head of Investor Relations.
Eugénie Mehler, in charge of Shareholder Communication, acts as Secretary to the Committee.

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