Questions and Answers

I am liable for the French wealth tax, which share price shall I take into account for the year 2016?

The shareholders liable for the French wealth tax (Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune - ISF) may opt either:

- for the last share price known on December 30, 2017: 6.596 €

- or for the average price of the last thirty trading sessions of the year 2017: 6.6428 €.

How can I become a shareholder of Natixis?

Natixis shares are listed at Paris Nyse Euronext Stock Exchange under the ISIN code: FR0000120685. Natixis shares are also identified by the Reuters Code "CNAT.PA" and the Bloomberg code "KN". In order to become a shareholder, you must give buying instructions to your financial intermediary (bank, online broker or stock exchange company, etc.) mentioning one of these codes. It is important to note that Natixis shares are eligible for the SRD program (deferred settlement) and appear in the A compartment of the Paris Eurolist.

Is it possible to hold Natixis shares in a French PEA? (*)

(*) PEA= Plan d'Epargne en Actions, (share-denominated saving account)

Yes, it is possible to hold Natixis shares in a PEA (bearer or administered registered shares), thus taking advantage of certain tax benefits.

In which indexes are Natixis shares listed?

Natixis shares are listed in:

- SBF 120 - SBF 250 - CAC MID 100 - and in CAC Next 20.

How can I attend Natixis General Shareholders' Meeting?

You will find all information relating to Natixis General Shareholders' Meeting by clicking on this page

Natixis' dividend for the financial year 2017

What will be the amount of Natixis' dividend for the year 2017 ? Natixis' Shareholders' Meeting which took place on May 23, 2018 approved the payment of a dividend for the year 2017. This dividend to be paid in cash amounts to € 0.37 per share and reflects a net payout ratio of 74%.

What will the ex-dividend date be ? The ex-date will be May 28, 2018

On what date do I have to hold shares to be entitled to the dividend for the year 2017? According to French Law, you have to hold shares on the day prior to the ex-dividend date, i.e. on May 27, 2018, to be entitled to it.

When will the dividend for the year 2017 be paid out? The dividend for the year 2017 will be paid out from May 30, 2018.

How do registered shares work?

Download here the Shareholders' Guide and the Directly Registered Share Request Transfer form along with the whole of the information relating to registered shares form