Managing your risks, offering investment solutions and assisting your financing transactions on the capital markets

Natixis leverages the highly technical skills and responsiveness of its teams to furnish clients tailor-made solutions on capital markets and responds to their hedging, financing and investment needs.

A diversified range of products on the fixed-income, credit, forex and commodities markets


  • Our fixed-income product line-up includes cash and derivative products for vanilla and customized investment and hedging solutions.
  • Natixis supplies a full range of seamless interbank forex products and designs bespoke hedging solutions.
  • Natixis’ globally integrated debt platform responds to clients’ needs across the full spectrum of debt products: syndicated loan, primary bond, securitization and asset monetization products. 
  • In the money market, Natixis can place your excess liquidity and furnish vanilla and tailor-made products over the short or long term.
  • Across the commodity markets, Natixis provides a comprehensive range of OTC derivative products for various types of underlyings, including base and precious metals and energy.

Find out more about the full range of expertise in the Natixis' Corporate and Investment Banking website.


A full range of expertise on the equity markets

  • Trading and execution: as a major operator in the European equity derivatives market, Natixis offers its clients trading capability on a global scale, comprehensive execution services, from hedging to best execution, and a full range of products.
  • Financial engineering: Natixis designs hedging, financing and investment products, with solutions that span the entire spectrum of risk-return profiles on a wide variety of supports.
  • Investment advisory services: the Equity Markets’ Sales and Research teams provide clients with investment decision-making support based on comprehensive research products ranging from fundamental to derivative products.

Find out more about the full range of expertise in the Natixis' Corporate and Investment Banking website.


Client-driven cross-expertise research

The Global Markets division houses our 80-strong team of analysts, economists and strategists who are located in the world’s leading financial marketplaces. They work together to offer clients an integrated view of the markets and recommend investment opportunities for each asset class.

  • Economic research
  • Multi-asset strategies
  • Credit research
  • Equity research

For more on Global Markets Research, take a look at the Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking website.