Natixis, an industry leader in SRI management

Year after year, Natixis has reaffirmed its role as a major European player in socially responsible investment (SRI). Growing consideration for environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria reflects the increasing influence of social responsibility and sustainable development concerns on investor behavior.

Investing for a better future

SRI takes both ESG and financial criteria into account when investing in indexed companies. With this type of fund, choosing companies for a portfolio is no longer based solely on financial factors.

SRI enables account holders to play a more responsible, active role in the economy without sacrificing financial performance. Today, more and more of our clients are choosing this type of fund to make their investments more meaningful.


SRI adapted to all management businesses

An SRI offer covering all types of assets

A pioneer in socially responsible investment for the past 25 years, Natixis Asset Management is one of Europe’s leaders in SRI management. It has developed cutting-edge expertise covering all types of assets and SRI approaches: ESG criteria as well as theme based and socially responsible funds. 

In 2010, Natixis Asset Management launched:

  • Impact SRI Protection 90, the first SRI capital-protected Employee Mutual Investment Fund (FCPE);
  • the Impact Climate Change line of theme-based funds.


Natixis Asset Management has become a member of EUROSIF (European Social Investment Forum), of Code de transparence de l’AFG (Transparency code of the French asset management association) and of FIR (Responsible investment forum). It has also signed the Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI).


A SRI employee savings plan

Ranked no. 1 in employee savings plans in France, Natixis Interépargne offers companies and their employees Natixis Solidaire, a High-Risk Mutual Investment Fund (FCPR) certified by Finansol, as well as 25 FCPEs that incorporate social responsibility and transparency criteria, including six certified byFinansol. It is the leading deposit-taker for employee solidarity savings accounts in France with €768 million(1) in assets under management in 2010.

Since 2009, it has compiled an extra-financial report on SRI employee savings account management in cooperation with Natixis Asset Management – this was a first in the industry. Employee account holders are thus guaranteed that they are helping fund socially useful activities


Environmentally responsible real estate products

AEW Europe, a subsidiary of Natixis Global Asset Management, is the industry leader in the real estate investment market and third party asset management. Its acquisition and management processes take into account buildings’ environmental performance profiles. For the past two years, the company has also received the Novethic barometer’s top ranking for corporate communication on building eco-performance.


Natixis leadership in figures

  • €9.5 billion in SRI assets managed(2)
  • No. 1 in socially responsible management with nearly 35% of market share in France(3)
  • 52.6% of market share in socially responsible employee savings plans(4)



Mark your calendards!

Natixis continues to meet with the general public, institutions and professionals to discuss incorporating ESG criteria into financial management.




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