Natixis, winner of the 2011 Comparability Prize

Natixis won the Comparability Prize part of the 2011 Transparency Grand Prizes on October 4, 2011.

Natixis is now no. 14 in the Top 20 of the SBF 120 transparency ranking, based on 85 observation criteria underpinned by 4 key pillars for transparency: accessibility, precision, comparability, availability.


The Transparency Grand Prizes reward best practices in terms of regulated information. Company rankings (SBF 120 plus the following 130) are established by a scientific committee* comprising representatives of the major French market players and of spheres of influence concerning financial information.


This success can be attributed to all the Natixis departments that work year round to produce quality financial information that complies with regulatory standard and practices, and to Investor Relations which produces and coordinates the issuance of publications to the market.


* 2011 Transparency Scientific Committee: AMF: Marine Corrieras; AFG: Valentine Bonnet; APAI: Viviane Neiter; ADAM: Colette Neuville; IFA: Alain Martel; SFAF: Jean-Paul Pierret; FFCI: Aldo Sicurani; HEC Club Finance: Henri Ghosn