Natixis, a leading player in green-growth financing

Co-investing with GDF Suez and SEIEF, Natixis closes an investment in the biggest solar photovoltaic farm in France located near Curbans, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. © C.Moirenc / GDF SUEZ

Natixis plays a leading role in offering financing options for renewable energy and the fight against climate change. It mobilises the expertise of its various businesses to serve companies and projects with conservative and carbon-free economic models.

Green growth financing: a major challenge

Many different economic sectors need to undergo changes: energy production, transportation, construction, waste recycling, agriculture, etc.

Well aware of these challenges, for several years Natixis has provided financing options that have made it possible to support various green economy industries around the world.

Technical solutions for green growth do exist; now the challenge is to find appropriate financing for them.


Contributions from all Natixis’ businesses

By mobilising its three main businesses and their respective fields of expertise, Natixis aims to offer a wide range of flexible financing solutions.

Corporate and Investment banking

Project financing is an area that benefits from a sustained growth rate in the renewable energy sector. Ten new operations representing a total capacity of 1100 MW were financed over the first nine months of 2011, including:

  • 1 biomass project
  • 3 wind turbine farms, including 1 farm with 80 offshore turbines
  • 6 solar energy plants


These projects can be distinguished by their technological diversity (solar photovoltaic, thermo-solar, land and offshore wind turbines, biomass, etc.) as well as their wide geographic range (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, etc.).


Natixis is ranked 9th worldwide among financial arrangers of renewable energy projects as of 30 June, 2011. (Source: Infrastructures Journal)


Natixis Environnement & Infrastructures* (NEI) and its subsidiary NEI Luxembourg manage €1.5 billion in underwriting commitments through six investment funds in the fields of environment and infrastructure.

The fund EUROFIDEME 2** is especially active in the field of renewable energy (see investment in one of the largest photovoltaic power plants in France)

The European Carbon Fund (ECF) and the European Kyoto Fund (EKF)*** invest in carbon assets generated by projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries.

* Management company certified by the AMF
** EUROFIDEME 2 is an FCPR with a simplified procedure
*** EKF and ECF are SICAV-SIF funds.


Investment Solutions

Natixis Asset Management has launched theImpact Funds Climate Change and Impact Funds Climate Change Emerging Markets that invest in listed companies whose business activities contribute to limiting greenhouse gas emissions or that offer improved management of natural resources.

The Climate Change Scientific Committee brings together experts from diverse areas and with complementary fields of expertise (climatologists, economists, geographers, etc.). They keep Natixis Asset Management’s managers up-to-date on climate change issues.

In addition, through its capital investment business, Natixis supports the development of small and medium-sized companies active in environmental fields: recycling, environmental consulting, solar panel production, cleaning up pollution, etc.


Specialized Financial Services

Natixis Énergeco, which benefits from Sofergie status, has been active in the area of renewable energy since the mid-1990s.

Natixis Énergeco financed 16 new projects between January and September 2011 across France (including overseas territories):

  • 1 cogeneration unit with a biomass boiler
  • 1 wind turbine farm
  • 1 hydroelectric power plant
  • 13 solar energy plants