Natixis gets mobilized for the employment of persons with disabilities

The 15th edition of the Week of employment for persons with disabilities is the opportunity for Natixis to strengthen its action in the area of handicap for instance with its employees.


This national event, created by ADAPT1, will be held form November 14 to 20. Its purpose is to create awareness of the company’s diversity approach and to associate disability and skills.
A growing number of people are mobilized around this social issue which concerns more than 1.8 million people in France. Participating in this action is Natixis’ way of making a contribution.


3 weeks to create awareness

Natixis has decided to run a full awareness campaign with its employees during the Week of employment for persons with disabilities and beyond by offering awareness workshops for a period of 3 weeks.

Natixis employees are invited to sports events on the theme of disability, such as a sports challenge against a disabled medal winner, a handi-ping-pong activity, learning the basics of sign language or braille, etc.


A long-term commitment

On March 7, 2011, Natixis signed a three-year agreement for the insertion of and to retain staff with disabilities.

This approach is part of Natixis’ diversity policy which underpins its development on various profiles, experiences and skills.

Natixis will double the employment rate of staff with disabilities in the course of three years, to reach 2.8% by the end of 2013. This should result in the hiring of 78 employees and the outsourcing to the protected sector up to the equivalent of 70 BUs2.

This agreement provides for:

  • retain staff with disabilities (adapt work stations, access to professional training, and adaptation to technology changes),
  • develop a hiring program and enhance insertion conditions,
  • intensify partnerships with the adapted and protected sector.

Finally, Natixis will carry out awareness actions for its employees and specific support measures (parents and spouses of persons with disabilities).


1 Association for the social and professional insertion of persons with disabilities
2 BU: Beneficiary units - <in terms of employment obligations, it is the number of disabled employees to acquire.