Natixis continues its conquest of the gift voucher market

Created in March 2006, Titres Cadeaux, a subsidiary of Natixis and La Banque Postale, is the 4th-largest issuer of gift vouchers in France. Titres Cadeaux issues and organizes the distribution of multi-brand gift checks and cards with professionals, companies, workers’ councils and individuals.

A dynamic, fast-growing market

By 2015, the French prepaid market should reach €15 billion, i.e. twice its current size. The gift check, card or box market will account for close to a quarter of this market. This payment method will represent over 10% of the gifts made by and to individuals.

The company Titres Cadeaux achieved good results in 2012:

  • 500,000 CA DO CHÈQUE checks are issued on a monthly average basis;
  • over 270,000 CA DO CARTE cards have been distribuTed since the launch of the business in June 2011;
  • close to 3,000 CA DO CARTE cards have been purchased every day since the beginning of December.


The company’s asset: a powerful distribution network

Titres Cadeaux has a major asset, i.e. its distribution network. By relying on the distribution networks of La Poste, La Banque Postale, Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne banks, Titres Cadeaux covers a large and extended territory with more than 8,500 branches throughout France, to which we can add since September 2012, the Fnac network and its 90 stores that distribute the CADO CARTE cards.


Two diversified and original ranges

The CA DO CARTE range is the first multi-brand gift card using VISA technology in private mode. CA DO CARTE gift cards range from €30 to €150 and are accepted by over 150 major domestic brands. It comprises:

  • a generalist multi-brand card, with a series of 5 visuals. CA DO CARTE comes in an all-in-one gift envelope: the buyer can write a personal message and the person receiving the gift card will know where to use it. Special event visuals complete the series for Christmas and mothers' or fathers' day;
  • theme gift cards: CA DO CARTE "Just For Kids" and CA DO CARTE "Maison, Déco et High Tech" accepted in  more than 40 domestic store chains (sold only at Fnac);
  • gift card wrappings: sold separately at a price of 3 euros, two gift box models for a beautiful presentation of the gift card (sold only at Fnac). 


The CA DO CHÈQUE range comprises other products:

  • CA DO CHÈQUE: a multi-brand gift voucher covering the main areas of consumption and grouping together large domestic brands that are leaders in their business sector and present over the whole French territory. A network of over 350 brands accounting for close to 18,000 acceptance points throughout France. CA DO CHÈQUE is also marketed in the French overseas departments and in La Réunion with a network of local brands.
  • CA DO CHÈQUE Sélection: a multi-brand gift check accepted by 330 domestic and regional brands and 2,000 local merchants. It covers all consumption products such as fashion, beauty, sports, gastronomy, the hotel industry, travel, decoration, etc.
  • CA DO CHÈQUE Culture: a multi-brand gift check dedicated to the cultural leisure sector. Accepted in over 180 domestic, regional and local cultural brands and sites, this offering culture in its largest sense: books, CDs, DVDs, admission to cinema, theater, museums, concerts, exhibitions, shows, historical monuments, etc.
  • SO CHIC LE PLUS CHIC DE CA DO CHEQUE is the only high-end gift voucher. It is presented in an elegant case and proposes a selection of luxury brands.



Titres Cadeaux was awarded the trophy for Best design and Best Gift Card program for CA DO Carte at the Prepaid Awards.



Natixis has more than 25 years expertise in the market of service vouchers and more than 10 years in the market of human services. View the complete offering of Natixis Intertitres, i.e. Chèque de Table®, CESU Domalin®, etc.