Natixis congratulates the Maxi Banque Populaire V crew for its all-time record

Maxi Banque Populaire V and its crew now hold the Trophée Jules Verne won in 45 days 13 hours 42 minutes and 53 seconds.

Record broken

Maxi Banque Populaire V has made history and won the Trophée Jules Verne on Friday Januray 6 in a record time of 45 days 13 hours 42 minutes and 53 seconds of faultless sailing around the world against time and weather. The previous record for sailing around the world non-stop and without outside assistance was beat by 2 days 18 hours 1minute and 59 seconds.

It was an unprecedented achievement for Loïck Peyron and 13 crew members, who covered the 29,002 miles at an average speed of 26.51 knots.

With this feat, the Team Banque Populaire experienced a great human adventure and is now on the list of the most prestigious trophy winners.


A collective adventure

This performance is the result of enormous work done by a unique technical team and of the cohesion of a strong and united group.

François Pérol, Chairman of Groupe BPCE: “The achievement of these fourteen crew members as talented as they are determined clearly shows the vitality and strength of entrepreneurship. All employees can identify with the collective adventure of Loïck Peyron and his crew, and with all those who were part of this project for the last five years either on land and at sea.


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