Success of the 2nd Groupe BPCE Conference: “Buy-in Buy-outs of SMBs: the keys to a successful takeover”

The issue of the conference of March 29 organized in Paris by Groupe BPCE attracted over three hundred clients, partners, prospective clients and their contacts in the group’s banks.

Buy-in buy-outs, a topical issue

The conference was organized as a result of the second survey called BPCE L’Observatoire on French SMB buy-in buy-outs, published in December 2011, dedicated to buy-in buy-outs of SMBs in France. The major topics of the survey were addressed during the conference and the two round tables, i.e. anatomy of buy-in buy-outs, owner intention and motivation for the buy-in or buy-out, the effect of the owner’s age on the strategies used to sell the business.


A dedicated website to go further into the issue

Groupe BPCE created a website entirely dedicated to the conference that was held on March 29.

Read the transcripts of the morning’s discussions, see the videos of speakers and the testimonies of sellers and buyers that experience buy-in buy-outs personally on: