Cheer on the Racing!

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On Saturday May 26, the Racing Metro players of Pierre Berbizier will play against the Toulon team in the finals of the Top 14 Orange.

A major game

In sixth place of the championship after the regular season, the Racing Metro 92 qualified for the finals for the third consecutive year since its return in the top teams. In their quest for the title, the team will have to beat the team from Toulon, in third place of the championship, managed by Jonny Wilkinson on their home turf.
Natixis is proud to support the Sky Blue and Whites, 5-time French champions, in this new conquest of the championship.

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A long-lasting support

As official sponsor of Racing Metro 92 since 2007, Natixis supports the Sky Blue and Whites in their race to the top of the French and European championships.

Come and support the team throughout the championship.


Racing Metro 92 rankings since it has played in the Top 14 Orange:

  • 2010-2011 Season: Semi-finalist, the Racing loses to the highly-charged team of Montpellier
  • 2009-2010 Season: Quarter finalist, the Racing loses to Clermont Ferrand, the title winner