Natixis Asset Management and 1818 Gestion rewarded at the 2012 Le Revenu Trophies

The Investment Solutions division of Natixis honored at the 2012 Trophies for best funds by “Le Revenu” magazine.

The best funds rewarded

Every year, the Le Revenu Trophies reward the best funds offered by management companies, whether independent or belonging to banking networks or insurance companies.

In order to win, the funds or fund ranges had to strike the best balance between risk and return of their peer groups in the various categories measured over 3 years or 10 years.

The 2012 Trophy-award ceremony was held on May 23 at Paris’ Commercial Court. For this 26th edition, 87 prizes were awarded after a rigorous marking system for the 8,000 competing funds.


Natixis wins 4 trophies

Le Revenu magazine rewarded two Natixis entities at the 2012 Trophies for best funds.


  • 1818 Gestion won a Bronze Trophy for its management of European equities over 3 years in the “Specialized institutions” category. This type of management is at the heart of its expertise.

This prize shows the success of our wealth management approach based on asset allocation, which clearly meets the medium and long-term financial challenges of private investors” - Marc Riez, CEO of 1818 Gestion

  • Natixis Asset Management walked away with 3 Trophies in recognition of its fund expertise and performance:

- Golden Trophy – Best range of balanced funds for 3 years (category: “Insurers” on behalf of CNP)
- Silver Trophy – Best overall performance for 3 years (category: “Insurers” on behalf of CNP)
- Bronze Trophy – Best range of international equities for 3 years (category: "Network banks” on behalf of the Banque Populaire network)

For more information, consult the Flash Palmarès of Natixis Asset Management dedicated to the 2012 Le Revenu Trophies: 


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