Natixis, official sponsor of Racing Metro 92 for the sixth consecutive season

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Since 2007, Natixis has supported the Racing Metro 92 in its conquest of the Top 14 and the H-Cup. The 2012-2013 season kicked off with a win for the Sky Blue and Whites.

First win!

The team began the season with a 24-20 win over Agen on Saturday August 18. A perfect start to a hopefully exciting season. 

The Racing Metro 92 is ready for a hotly contested season with several teams in the run for the title.

Even though the team is not a favorite (Toulouse, Toulon and Clermont-Ferrand according to specialists), it can certainly play troublemaker and be in the final phases of the Top 14, as it has done since it has joined the top French teams. In any case, that's the ambition of the team and of their new coach Gonzalo Quesada.


Newcomers for the 2012-2013 season

This season will be played without the top players Nallet or Steyn. Nevertheless, the team's sports administration is counting on newcomers to the team: France hooker Dimitri Szarzewski, Luc Ducalcon et Maxime Machenaud, -international players in the latest Australian tour of the French team, as well as Sakiusa Matadigo, Camille Gérondeau, a hopeful from Béziers, Mathieu Belie and Benjamin Dambielle. The talent of these newcomers will complement that of Wisniewski, Imhoff, Hernandez, or Cronje and others.


Great games in the offing

During this season of the European championship, the Racing Metro 92 will play against the teams from Saracens, Munster and Edinburgh. The high level of this rugby group should give us exciting games. The first game of the European Cup will be played on October 13 at Stade de France against the famous Irish Munster team.

The Racing will also try to get even with the team from Edinburgh, which beat them last season, stopping them from playing the 1/8 finals.


Racing Metro 92 rankings since it has payed in the Top 14 Orange


  • 2011-2012 Season Quarter finalist, the Racing loses to Toulon, finalist.
  • 2010-2011 Season: Semi-finalist, the Racing loses to the highly-charged team of Montpellier
  • 2009-2010 Season: Quarter finalist, the Racing loses to Clermont Ferrand, the title winner
  • 2008-2009: France champion in Pro D2 – Joining the Top 14



Racing-Metro 92 game calendar: