Natixis, partner of "Roulons pour le côlon !". Picture highlights

On July 7, Gustave Roussy organized an awareness day to inform people about colon cancer. Highlights of this event supported by Natixis.

In order to inform on and raise awareness to the screening of colon cancer, Gustave Roussy launched, jointly with its partners, the first edition of "Roulons pour le côlon !" [Rolling for colon!] on July 7, 2013.

A sports-health village was installed on the Bastille esplanade to welcome people to fun and sports events.

Natixis prepared a review of two of the major events of the day.


Tour of a giant colon to raise awareness to screening

In addition to talking with public health experts in prevention, screening, treatment and research on colon cancer, visitors had the opportunity to take a walk inside a giant colon 20 meters long.

A novel experience to discover how a disease evolves…

Visite côlon géant - roulons pour le côlon !

© Photos Fabrice Vallon / Natixis

Rolling together for the fight against colon cancer

At 2:30 p.m., a huge blue wave (color associated with colon cancer) rushed forward in the streets of Paris in support of the research against cancer.

Roller fans carried that message throughout the ride.

Randonnée roller - roulons pour le côlon

© Photos Fabrice Vallon / Natixis