Natixis Assurances, insurance solutions to protect your property

Whether you are an individual or a professional, Natixis’ property and casualty insurance can protect your property or your business. Recognized for being competitive, the policies offered provide all the guarantees required to meet any and all needs for protection.

Natixis Assurances designs and manages life, health and benefit protection and property and casualty insurance solutions for private individuals, professionals, farmers, businesses and associations. In France, its products are mostly distributed in the Banque Populaire, Crédit Maritime and Crédit Foncier networks and in the Regional Banks.

Zoom on the advantages of property and casualty insurance

Protecting your property

Protecting property means guaranteeing its longevity in all circumstances. For better service, Natixis Assurances provides access to a wide array of insurance policies:

  • To enjoy extensive coverage for the driver, passengers and car with insurance policy ASSUR-BP Auto/SOLASSUR-Auto[1] [2] appreciated for its quality and modularity. There are also policies to ensure RVs, caravans, trucks, special vehicles, trailers, etc.
  • To protect two-wheelers and their drivers against theft and accidents with ASSUR-BP Moto / SOLASSUR-Moto[1] [2] for all two-wheelers over 80 cm3, and ASSUR-BP Cyclo / SOLASSUR-Cyclo[1] [2]below 80 cm3.
  • To select the insurance you need for your home within your budget from a wide selection of policies with ASSUR-BP Habitat / SOLASSUR-Habitat[1] [2], which has received the Label of Excellence from Dossiers de l’Epargne for 4 consecutive years. For people under 28, there is a special insurance: ASSUR-BP Horizon / Solassur Horizon[1] [2].

In addition, there is now a new legal expenses insurance for the home and car, which was previously offered as an option with the ASSUR-BP Habitat and ASSUR-BP Auto policies.

Business protection

Insuring a business means protecting buildings, the people and its financial health. Natixis Assurances provides solutions for buildings and premises and the goods inside the premises:

  • Ensuring the risks related to the professional activity with the Assurance Multirisque professionnel[1] [2].
  • Protecting the business against total or partial interruption of its activity with Protection Financière Pro[1] [2].



Take a break at the “Serenity” rest area

This summer, Natixis Assurances has launched a special operation: on August 16 to 18 people traveling on highway A6 are welcome to stop at the “Serenity” rest area by Banque Populaire.

The July holiday-goers already had the opportunity to enjoy this special relaxing 20-minute stop (some even stayed two hours !) at the Beaune Tailly and Beaune Merceuil rest areas.

On the program: three information and prevention booths and four workshops for the whole family to enjoy.


[1] Distributed by: BPCE
Limited company with Management Board and Supervisory Board, capital of €467,226,960, RCS Paris n° 493 455 042 50 avenue Pierre Mendès France – 75201 Paris Cedex 13 BPCE, Insurance intermediary registered with ORIAS, number 08 045 100

[2] Insured by: Assurances Banque Populaire IARD Limited company with Management Board and Supervisory Board, capital of €30,000,000 fully paid. 401 380 472 RCS Niort Entreprise, Code des assurances Chauray - BP 8410 - 79024 Niort Cedex 9 Prudentila control authority, 61 rue Taitbout 75436 Paris Cedex 09