The Globes de la Gestion 2013 awards: 3rd prize for Seeyond Flexible MT

Seeyond Flexible MT has taken 3rd prize in the "Cautious Flexible" fund category at the 2013 Globes de la Gestion awards, given by Gestion de Fortune magazine.

 Seeyond Flexible MT, 3rd prize in the “Cautious Flexible” category

The award recognizes the high quality of investment management at Seeyond, Natixis Asset Management's investment division in volatility management and structured products , and its capacity to generate performance over the long term based on a methodology developed by Quantalys, a firm specialized in measuring fund performance.

In a persistently unstable environment, successful investments require an integrated and active approach to risk management in order to avoid significant losses in global equity and bond markets, all while maintaining the ability to exploit specific investment opportunities. By combining specific indicators with conviction-driven management, Seeyond Flexible MT has proved its resilience in this environment.


The Globes de la Gestion 2013

This was the second time that Gestion de Fortune organized the Globes de Gestion, jointly with Quantalys, a firm specialized in measuring fund performance. The award ceremony was held on November 12, 2013.

The purpose of the Globe de la Gestion is to:

  • Bring together key players in the asset management universe,
  • To share and discuss the outlook for equities markets and the preferred investments, and
  • To recognize fund managers across ten categories:
    1. Equities: United States
    2. Equities: Europe
    3. Equities: Global
    4. Equities: emerging
    5. Flexible: dynamic
    6. Flexible: cautious
    7. Fixed income: convertible
    8. Fixed income: emerging
    9. Fixed income: high yield global
    10. Fixed income: corporate global


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