Attend the Coface Country Risk Conference 2014 to learn everything about the trends of the world economy

Coface will be holding the 18th edition of its annual Country Risk Conference on January 21, 2014 at the CNIT Paris-La Défense. This high-level event is organized to take stock of country and sector risks around the world.

The international trade annual meeting

At this meeting, Coface brings together French and foreign economists, companies, bankers, academics. Together, they look back at the past year, examine the major trends of the world economy and assess their impact on companies.

The ambition of Coface is to provide the players of international trade with all the information needed to make their export and investment decisions.


2014 Conference: 6 key topics

The following six key topics will be discussed to provide participants with the necessary insight into the economic indicators in each country:

- Will the central banks support world growth?

Jean-Claude Trichet, former president of the European Central Bank

- Where is the growth potential in advanced economies?

- African companies, now is the time!

- Emerging countries: in revolt or at a standstill?

Erik Orsenna, economist, writer, member of Académie française

- After the BRICs, which other emerging economies should we bank on?

- What stability for the MENA region?

This program should provide particularly useful perspectives in a complex and changing economic context.


Featuring at lunch time a speech by Pierre Moscovici, French Minister of the Economy and Finance.


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