Natixis Assurances, savings solutions for your projects

Natixis Assurances’ life insurance policies can help you build a confident future

Natixis Assurances designs and manages life, health and benefit and property insurance solutions for individuals, professionals, farmers, businesses and non-profit organizations. In France, these solutions are distributed mainly by the Banque Populaire, Crédit Maritime, Crédit Foncier networks and by the regional banks.


Zoom on the advantages of life insurance


Protect your close ones

Natixis Assurances offers a full range of safe solutions to leave money to your close ones.

  • Build capital for one or more beneficiaries with good tax advantages with the full range of life insurance policies.
  • Loss in cash value of life insurance policy at time of death (depending on age, length and amount) is taken care free of charge by the insurance company with Garantie Plancher.
  • Build savings in favor of your designated children or grand-children with the Plan Épargne Enfant [1] [2]. At the end of the contract, between their 16th and 25th birthday, they can either receive a lump sum or an annuity. In case of death of the insured person before the age of 60, monthly payments are paid by the insurance company until the end of the contract.

Saving to prepare the future

Because each project is unique, Natixis Assurances provides solutions to fit your individual investment prospects at your own pace.

  • Take advantage of financial market potential on the long-term and from a secured capital fund in euros with multi-support life insurance, which is backed by a range of diversified supports. The policy is adapted to your situation, to how long you want to invest and to your projects. Build a capital annuity to enjoy a supplemental revenue at retirement in the form of a life annuity with Fructi-Agri Retraite [1] [2] or Fructi-Professionnel Retraite [1] [2].
  • Group savings solutions with Ressources Sélection Vie II [1] [2], Contrat retraite à prestations définies [1] [2] or IFC Sélection Vie II [1] [2].



In September 2013, Natixis Assurances launched a new innovative and competitive life insurance policy distributed by Banque Populaire, Crédit Maritime and the regional banks.

This new policy, which targets the general public as well as wealthy individuals, includes several functionalities, such as:

  • two predefined financial support packs, including the Horizéo Vert pack underpinned by a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) approach;
  • two new arbitrage options, including the notification by e-mail when an arbitrage is made;
  • clients receive an e-mail every quarter to inform them of the financial vehicle part of their contract which had the best performance since the beginning of the year.

Horizéo keeps clients informed on their contact on a regular basis and provides support for the duration of the contract.



[1] Distributed by: BPCE
A limited company with Management Board and Supervisory Board, capital of €155,742,320 RCS Paris n° 493 455 042 50 avenue Pierre Mendès France – 75201 Paris Cedex 13 BPCEinsurance intermediary registered with ORIAS number 08 045 100
[2] Insurance by: ABP Vie
A limited company, capital of €110,943,568 , 349 004 341 RCS Paris Company regulated by the French insurance code Head Office: 30 avenue Pierre Mendès-France – 75013 Paris
[3] Insurance by : ABP Prévoyance
A limited company, capital of €8,433,250 352 259 717 RCS Paris Company regulated by the French insurance code Head Office 30, avenue Pierre Mendès-France – 75013 Paris