Titres Cadeaux, an active key player in the gift voucher market

Titres Cadeaux, a joint subsidiary of Natixis and La Banque Postale, recorded an issue volume of over €100 million in 2013, up 13%.

CA DO CHÈQUE, a network of 500 brands

CA DO CHÈQUE, the flagship product of Titres Cadeaux, provides access to close to 500 partner brands and is available in batches.

This multi-brand gift voucher is accepted in major French brands with a leading position in their business area and present across the French territory.
CA DO CHÈQUE is also marketed in French overseas departments and in Réunion Island to a network of local brands.

A growth driven by the CA DO CARTE business

The CA DO CARTE business showed strong momentum in 2013. Today, it represents over 27% of the sales of Titres Cadeaux, which is the leading issuer of gift cards for individuals with €30 million of load operations. The CA DO CARTE card is sold by the Caisse d'Epargne branches, post offices and Fnac stores. With close to 370 partners in France, this product has the largest network of acceptance points in the market.

The range was expanded with the launch of CA DO CARTE Edition Universelle designed for companies' clients and workers' councils. The product is offered by the 370 partners of CA DO CARTE, including major supermarket brands.