Natixis partners the “Roulons pour le côlon ! event

During the month of March dedicated to the fight against colon cancer in France (Mars bleu), Gustave Roussy organizes an awareness week called “Roulons pour le côlon ! [Rolling for colon], this year from March 10 to 16. Objective: to create awareness of and inform the public on colon cancer and on the importance of cancer screening. Natixis, who supports Dr. Fanny Jaulin and her team’s cancer research, partners this operation.

Natixis supports the fight against cancer

Natixis supports Gustave Roussy's research on personalized cancer treatment. For instance, it supports three teams that are researching cancer proliferation mechanisms:

  • "Cell death and Senescence" team headed by Jean-Luc Perfettini
  • "Epithelial morphogenesis and colon cancer" team headed by Fanny Jaulin
  • "Melanoma and tumor invasion" team headed by Mehdi Khaled

Because prevention is as important as research, Natixis has decided to partner the "Roulons pour le côlon !" event organized by Gustave Roussy. Our participation in this event is in line with the sponsorship of the team of Dr. Fanny Jaulin, whose research topic is the prevention of colon cancer metastasis.

"Roulons pour le côlon !"

For greater public awareness, Gustave Roussy is organizing, jointly with its partners, the "Roulons pour le côlon !" operation from March 10 to 16, 2014.
The Gustave Roussy teams will hit the road with a minibus sporting the colors of Mars bleu. They will convey their message about colon cancer and the importance of cancer screening. This very common cancer is the number two deadliest cancer in France despite a 90% recovery rate when detected early.
On March 12, two stops are scheduled, one at the Natixis buildings at Charenton-le-Pont and one at the Paris buildings in the 13th quarter.
The donations collected at each stop or via the Gustave Roussy website (see below) will be donated to Dr. Fanny Jaulin's research team sponsored by Natixis.

Watch the Gustave Roussy Mars Bleu video:

Colon cancer

  • No 2 deadliest cancer in France, right behind breast cancer
  • 3rd most common cancer in France
  • 40 500 new cases in France each year
  • + 17 000 deaths in France each year
  • 90% recovery rate if detected early (easy and low-cost screening)