Natixis supports renewable energies

Natixis is a key player in renewable energies. In 2013, it financed 35 projects for a global portfolio today of 10,800 MW covering different technologies (wind, solar or biomass) across the world.



Finance and invest in renewable energies

Natixis puts its expertise and talents to work to serve companies and institutional investors looking for solutions that include the challenge of energy transition.
Natixis supports projects of all sizes in this area thus contributing to the protection of the environment and to sustainable development.

3 renewable energy teams

  • The Global Infrastructure and Projects team of Natixis, at Wholesale Banking, finances high capacity projects that require large infrastructures across the world.
  • Natixis Energéco, a subsidiary of Natixis Lease, actively supports the renewable energy sector and is one of the very first to have offered loan contacts and leasing contracts in this sector, mainly in France.
  • Mirova, a firm affiliated to Natixis Global Asset Management, manages the FIDEME and EUROFIDEME 2 infrastructure investment funds, which invest in renewable energy infrastructure projects in Europe.



  • Construction and operation of four solar facilities in Canada

Natixis financed the Northern Solar project, which consists of four solar PV facilities in Ontario with 42 MW aggregate generation capacity.
The construction of these facilities will be completed during the summer of 2014. They will generate up to 50 GWh per year, i.e. enough to power 5,000 homes in Ontario.

  • Biomass in France

Natixis Energéco acts as arranger and agent for clients of Groupe BPCE networks. It helped Nerea, a subsidiary of Akuo Energy and a client of Caisse d'Epargne de Picardie, finance a cogeneration biomass facility with a power generation capacity of 13 MW at Estrées-Mons in the Picardie region. The facility is located near the Bonduelle factory, the largest canning and frozen food factory in Europe. The steam produced will be used for the manufacturing process and will cover part of the power needs of the factory.

  • Developer of renewable energy infrastructures in France

Eurofideme 2 entered the capital of VOL-V, an independent power producer, via the ownership, engineering, construction and operation of renewable energy infrastructures. The purpose of the investment was to provide VOL-V with capital to finance the construction of three wind farms with aggregate generation capacity of 40 MW in the French "départements" of Somme, Eure et Loire and Essonne. It also helped VOL-V pursue the development of new wind and solar as well as biogas production projects. Today, VOL-V operates more than 35 plants, for a total generation capacity of 60MW, producing more than 120 GWh per year, enough to power 18,000 homes, resulting in savings of 10,000 metric tons of CO2 per year.